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Away From the Gym Workouts

March 18 - April 30

Welcome to the Total Strength Fitness Video Workout Page!

This page has been created to give my remote clients access to workouts that we have been doing. Anyone is welcome to use these videos; however, I caution everyone to go at your own pace and to know your fitness abilities before doing any workout. Of course, it is recommended that you check with your physician before taking on a new fitness routine. You also are welcome to contact Colleen with any questions. Once the current health situation settles down and we are all back to our normal routine, this page will become private. I hope these videos are helpful to you. More will beĀ  added over time. May they help you remain active, fit and healthy as you may be spending more time at home. Thank you for visiting and may you be blessed each day with the ability to move and have fun!

Standard Warm Up

This is a simple and quick warm up that you can use to get ready to move for just about any type of workout. It’s primary purpose is to get your joints a bit more mobile, to get your muscles a bit warmer, and to prepare your brain for a great workout! You can spend more time on each movement than is shown in the video – especially if you have a more intense workout ahead. OK! Let’s get ready to move!

Prime Time Fitness HIIT Workout (20 seconds on, 20 seconds off)

This workout is the Moving Monday workout for the month of March for my Prime Time Fitness Group. Prime Time Fitness is a group that I lead out of the Rockford Community Center. This group is made up of very fit seniors (I’d say men and women mostly in their 60’s – 70’s) who exercise diligently year-round.

Core Plus a Little More

This workout is a 10 exercise circuit that includes strength for abs, obliques, lower back, hips, glutes, and adductors (inner thighs). Once you have completed one round, go ahead and start the video over and do another one or two circuits. You can never go wrong working your core. If you had to choose one workout to do for the rest of your life, a core workout is the one to choose! Remember to do your warm up first.

Building Intensity 60/30 Body Weight Circuit

This workout is 60 seconds on, 30 seconds off. During the 60 seconds, the intensity builds from 30 seconds low intensity, 20 seconds moderate intensity, and 10 seconds high intensity. You can choose to stay at the low or moderate intensity levels throughout if you prefer. Keep in mind that although exercise is excellent for us, high intensity exercise can temporarily reduce our immunity. For that reason, either stay with the lower intensity options, especially if you still must maintain contact with the public during this time, or choose a less intense workout. Either way, thanks for popping in, and enjoy your workout today! Remember to do your warm up!

No Equipment Needed FullĀ  Body Workout

This could also be called the NO EXCUSES Workout! You don’t need a single piece of equipment for this circuit workout. This video includes a 6 minute warm up followed by a core, legs, back, and chest strength circuit that is just shy of 20 minutes. Challenge yourself to do 2-3 rounds. After completing one round, go back to about the 6 minute mark and begin your next round. Way to go!


March 18
April 30
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